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In Recent News…

There once was a Peruvian prince

Who wore a gold pair of nez pince.

He said “I have seen

“Info about Jeff Epstein,”

And no one has heard from him since…

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Wanna Hang Out?

I said “If”

She said, “Did I tell you about…”

I said “You”

She said “The time I had the doubt…”

I said “Don’t”

“About whether or not…”

I said “Shut”

“This eyeliner makes me hot…”

I said “Up”

“‘Cause I, like, wasn’t totally sure…”

I said “I”

“If this was chic or, like, couture…”

I said “Will”

“So I called my BFF…”

I said “Do”

“And was like, ‘Sup, my broseph…”

I said “What”

“And he was like, ‘Oh girl…”

I said “Epstein”

“That shade of ivory makes me hurl…”

I said “Didn’t.”

She would stop,

Or so I thought;

She kept talking;

I did not.

I hung around;

She tied the knot.

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Legolas and Pitiless

There are lots of similarities

Between Epstein and Tolkien’s elves:

Both hang around with youngsters

And neither of them kill themselves.

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