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Dreams and Reality

One day I’ll wake in the morning

And look to the sky in the East

And see the sunrise with my well rested eyes

Before cooking a bacony feast.

One day I’ll go for a run

For a mile, or maybe for ten

Then go on a date with my lovely soulmate

And laugh ‘til the sun sets again.

One day my dreams may be real

But I pray it does not come to that

‘Cause today I slept in and wore naught but my skin

And drank egg nog and snuggled a cat.

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The Optimist Manifesto

There are no starless evenings

And never will there be.

Nothing stops existing

Just because you cannot see.

If you call a glass half-empty

Or say one plus three is two

You do not hurt reality

Except the part that’s you.

And if you look up at the sky

Upon some cloudy night

And say the stars are lovely

When there’s not a star in sight

That doesn’t make you foolish

And you’ll only seem a dope

To those who never knew of faith

And have forgotten hope.

I pledge to always be the fool

Who calls a crow a dove,

Who calls the wind the breath of God,

Whose sin is too much love.

While I may not know what’s real

I know that I know not

So why not choose to fill the void

With one more happy thought?

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East/West > North

When I grow up

I’ll be famous and rich,

Just like the writer

Of “Lilo and Stitch.”

I’ll be a performer

Or some type of magnate.

I’ll be a leader, a champion…

It’ll be great!

Growing up’s so exciting

I’m just ready to burst!

On the other hand, maybe

I’ll grow sideways a bit first… 

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The Day Our Dungeon Master Went Too Far

Can you imagine

A world without dragons?

A world without wizards

And goblins and knights?

The scary thing is

There are some folks who can

And legend says they don’t use dice

To resolve all their fights…

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Anyone Else?

Sometimes I feel

Like I am trapped

In a snowglobe

All night and all day

But then I fall

Into the sky

And hit my head on the glass

And the feeling goes away.

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Denying The Obvious

I was missings my book.

I thought it had been took,

But I found it in time,

In a bowl with a lime.

Then along went my head,

Where my little voice said

“You’ll find your book

In the last place you look.”

But that was such a bore,

So I looked ’round some more.

I looked in the den.

There my book was again!

I looked under my sofa,

And my book had moved ofa’.

But I’m not satisfied

‘Til my head knows it lied.

I’ll prove my head wrong,

No matter how long

It takes.

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NBC and TNT,
CBS and ABC,
History, ESPN
Discovery and CNN.

All these channels
And hundreds more
All striving not
To be a bore.

Yet of all the options
There are but two shows to see:
“I wish I were them”
And “I’m glad that’s not me.”

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Once Upon An Elaborate Fiction

As the knight climbed the steps
To the princess’s room
His heart pounded harder
Than you’d be prone to assume.

He flung open the door
And what did he see?
A bored, unwashed princess
Aged 73.

That’s what you get
When you lock up a kid
With no education
In a tower guarded

By an unslayable dragon.
And what did she eat?
Only things that could keep
Like canned veggies and meat.

She had no running water,
No way to catch rain,
No outside contact
To challenge her brain.

So if you’ve got a princess
Don’t lock her away.
Besides, all the good knights
Are taken or gay.

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