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How I’m About To Meet Your Mother… Or Big Chad, The Inmate

As if unprompted, she said

“I am not a chair! Don’t sit on me!”

I’m not inclined to sit on strangers

But now I kind of want to see… 

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Perception of Eternity

Time is not eternal:

It will someday go away,

And we’ll be left in timelessness

For eternity to stay.
Time is not eternal:

We’ve only got today,

But luckily we have meetings

To make it feel that way.

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Strategy Meeting

I watch my life go by

In factors of sixty.

That little rotating stick,

The flashing colon,

The unending count

Of passing seconds.

No matter how angry the birds,

How many temples I fail to escape,

Or how many aces lay buried

Beneath twos of their own suit,

The hand will not speed up.

My hopes, and my battery, are dead.

When will this meeting end?

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