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Video Games

People go to work

Eight hours a day

Clicking buttons mindlessly

To earn their meager pay,

After which they go home

And spend sixty bucks

To click buttons mindlessly

And then say their life sucks…

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Or Do I…?

Apathy’s amazing!

It’s the best a mood can get!

It’s so great that I don’t care

That I don’t get it yet!

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Irony’s Trump Card

People on the street

Waving Confederate flags

Say “You lost, move on.”

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Ignorance Is Bliss

Our childish dreams are warm

Beneath the blanket of unknowing,

Our sensibilities secure

All thanks to lack of growing.

Dulcet and desultory,

With ease we are besot,

Avoiding the obstreperous

And things requiring thought.

We swim in tranquil waters

As our bones turn into lard.

Our brains become decrepit

As we hide from all that’s hard.

The deities of comfort

Sanctify our mindless chatter,

A lullaby to help forget

Our lives don’t really matter.

When hunger or reality

Force us, languid, to act

We choose harmony of feelings

Over cacophony of fact,

And thus have we who worship

Our mirror’s charming sheen

Learned to pray for ignorance

So that we may die serene.

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All white males suck

Because they are prejudiced

Based on race and sex.

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New Perspectives

I once went to a market

For groceries I would buy

When a most unpleasant sight

Fell upon my naive eye.

I can only picture

What occurred before I came

As if the homeless had played poker

And they all had lost the game,

For beside the sidewalk entrance

Underneath the neon sign

Were a hundred empty carts

Neatly tucked into a line.

Somewhere in the city

There are those who’ve lost there way

So I beg you, steal back their carts

For justice! (Please obey)

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A Blessing And A Curse

I’ve got a photographic memory,

A picture-perfect mind,

Only spoiled by the fact

That I’m 100 percent blind.

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A Bad Combo

The nurse told me I’m dyslexic.

I told them “could be worse.”

They said “and you’re a phenylketaunuric.”

Well, I was wrong. That’s fro urse.

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The Ending No One Saw Coming!

I never thought I’d be happy

To lose the shirt off my back,

To run out of money, be told I’m not funny,

And become some animal’s snack.

I’d never thought I’d be happy

To have that stuff happen to me

And as it turns out they still haven’t

So I guess life is going as expected.

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Mensa Parties

My friends flanked me

And asked

In a way which I’ll say

Was stereophonic

“What’s a funny example

Of a time

When crap happened

That was ironic?”

I thought for a bit

When suddenly

An epiphany whiffed at me

Through the mounting tension.

I said “well one time

“People used words

“Expressing something contrary

To their literal intention.”

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