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Artistic Priorities

Today I was a DJ

At a wedding for my friends.

It was great, but tiring

And thus this poem ends.

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It’s The Thought That Counts?

I wrote this poem earlier

But published it tonight.

I hope you find that tactic

Is both fair and alright.

I did it ‘cause when I am tired

And weary from the day

My poems are bland and meaningless,

But so’s this one, so hey!

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Seriously, When Was The Last Time You Went To The Movies And Enjoyed It?

Someone in Hollywood decided

“What if instead of crappy flicks

“We badly remade everything people love

“And when they complain, say that they’re dicks?”

Everyone outside Hollywood

Disliked this judgement call,

But on the bright side, now people

See that books aren’t that bad after all.

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Autobiographical, And An Apology In Advance If I Miss Tomorrow’s Poem

Once again this poem went

To the wilds, and pitched him a tent.

The wifi was iffy

But present, so spiffy!

On that wifi this poem is sent.

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Coming Soon To The MCU: Night Owl

I’m tired and I’m sleepy

And I want to rest my mind,

But there is a problem

That I cannot leave behind:

As much as I need slumber

And as much as I need rest

Staying up unreasonably late

Is the one thing I do best.

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Dear Vegans

Many chickens passed away

So you could have a meal.

You killed them and ate their eggs;

How does that make you feel?

Many chickens were beheaded,

Plucked, and fried in fat.

Because of that, I feel full

And I’m okay with that.

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Why Adventurers Just Don’t Anymore In 2022

We survived a drowning island.

We endured the burning sand.

We outlasted freezing rain

And our cousin’s cover band.

We’ve outrun giant boulders

And a crazy nazi horde

But when the radio plays songs

By Taylor Swift… Oh Lord!

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Hi God… Let’s Talk Retcons For A Sec

Every night I go to sleep

After a simple prayer

When I recall the Star Wars sequels

And wish they weren’t there.

Every day when I awake

My wish was not obeyed,

But someday soon we’ll see a world

In which only six were made…

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Different Decade, Same Crap

It’s been exactly ten years today

Since I wrote my first post here:

May 28th, the fateful day,

2012 the fateful year.

Back then people were afraid

The Mayan calendar was done

And the world would finish with it

And nobody had fun.

If they looked ahead ten years

To life in 2022

They’d try to ask the Mayans

Why they didn’t follow through.

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Things That Lasted Waaay Too Long

First there was Vietnam

Then the second gulf war…

Now I’m curious how many years

The Amber Heard trial goes for.


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