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The Fantasy World Has More Normal Names For Its Cities

There once were some nerds from Puyallup

That imagined some monsters to wallop.

They played D&D

‘Til they passed level 3

And yes, that’s an actual place… Puyallup.

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Only Washingtonians Will Appreciate The Absurdity

Today it rained in the morning,

From dawn ‘til the sunset was yella’

And I saw the craziest out-of-town guy

Who for some reason had an umbrella!

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From the Diary of Washington’s Next Top Martyr

This afternoon, Jay Inslee,

The Governor of WA,

Mandated everyone wear masks

To which I stated: “Ha!”

The problem with such mandates

Is that if up the police show

You can say “I’m attracted to plants today”

And they have to let you go.

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My Musings On The Economy

I’m a musician in Washington state.

Governor Inslee extended the date

Of the “Stay home, stay safe” order,

Banning two months of shows.

How I’ll make those 12 bucks back, nobody knows…

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Life In Washington State

Two inches of snow

Means schools are closed tomorrow.

Colorado laughs.

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