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Only Washingtonians Will Appreciate The Absurdity

Today it rained in the morning,

From dawn ‘til the sunset was yella’

And I saw the craziest out-of-town guy

Who for some reason had an umbrella!

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Listen To The Rain

The melted snow falls heavy

On the softly frozen grounds.

Soft damp dirt is flowing

And sogginess abounds.

The rivers swell like egos

And the tin roofs play their tune

As the young folks cruise the city

And ponder whom to moon.

The church is serving soup today

While TV serves the news.

One small-town team knows victory

And one team sings the blues.

And every single raindrop

That hits earth, roof, or hair

Is happy in its wetness

And, of humans, doesn’t care.

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Sounds From The Palace

Close your eyes and hear the rain,

Which sounds like water, wet and plain.

It sounds a bit like falling tears

But bigger and much less salty.

Some hear it on metal roofs fall,

Like little elves playing basketball.

Some hear it on a rubber tarp,

Which, let’s be honest, probably sucks.

Some hear it on roofs of wood.

Better than a tarp, but still not good.

But to me it sounds like my laughter

At a bunch of damp blind people.

Now you probably feel dumb

For closing your eyes

And listening to freaking water!

Lol… peasants.

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Rainy Day Man

Your eyes are like storm clouds. Your hands are like starlight.

Your words are like raindrops on my hot tin roof.

Your body’s a fog obscuring the bar light.

You’re sunny one moment, but the next moment… Poof!

You flood me with passion and soak me with ardor.

I need an umbrella to hold back your love.

When driving with you, seeing the road is much harder.

I need to go buy a new rubber glove.

You’re my sleep in Seattle. You’re my plain in Spain.

You’re cute as a snowflake and big as the sky.

You keep me hydrated amidst stress and strain.

You make me gasp, and say “H2 oh my!”

Rainy day man, you are my silver lining,

And for your cumulus I always am pining.

But once in a while you need to go hide,

‘Cause I’m getting sick of just staying inside.

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Field of Dreams

Today our team faces the Knights

In a thrilling afternoon match.

The Knights are undefeated

And have never missed a catch.

The sky is blue, the grass is green,

The clouds are fluffy white.

The weather report says “chance of rain”

And I’m praying that it’s right.

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Substitute Sky

The blue sky was angry,
Perturbed and upset,
But black stormy clouds
The sky could not get.

They had all been reserved
For another date,
So the sky, though enraged,
Just had to wait.

It made gentle breezes
And bright, sunny beams;
Poor substitutes
For the sky’s mental screams.

Now very impatient,
Worn out and bereft,
All weather was halted
When the sky up and left.

Today it is rainy,
But I beg you, don’t cry:
It’s just the temp work
Of a substitute sky.

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This is Rain

This is rain.

This is rain.

Rain is like water

That falls from the clouds.

Rain is like a simile that is not redundant,

Nor does it repeat itself or say the same thing more than once.

In fact, rain does not say anything at all,

But if it it did, it would say “Moo”

Because rain often falls on cows,

And it’s useful to speak the same language as those around you.

Rain is the color of chemically bonded hydrogen and oxygen

Kept between zero and one-hundred degrees celsius.

It is wise beyond its years,

Especially since it doesn’t have a brain,

And quiet, except when you are sleeping or trying to concentrate

And wise beyond its years.

Rain is like water, falling from the clouds,

The sky trying to punch the Earth

And failing,

Because the sky has no muscles or arms.

This is rain.

This is rain.

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