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…Or An Astronaut

I want to be the director

At a news station some day

So when a line of gnus appears

I am the one to say:

“Lights… Camera… Action”

But moreso than the views

I want to say I was the one

Who cued queued gnus news.

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Subtle Differences

One man’s treasure is another man’s trash.

That’s what I’ve heard them say,

But I find the statement even more true 

If you take the “is” away.

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Dr. Seuss Beware!

There was a skunk named Dink

Who didn’t stink,

Which, at least for Dink, stank.

He played at skunk school

But smelled really cool

And thus his social standing sank.

They flunked the poor skunk

And he packed up his trunk.

He greatly disliked the school’s thinking,

But he too understood

Skunks can’t be what they should

If said skunks stunk like Dink did at stinking.

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Alright… One. You Got Me.

I wanted to go

To the movies with you.

You couldn’t go

But that wouldn’t do

So I dressed like one person

Pretending to be two.

It was pretty fun.

The guy at the window

Sold me two passes

Despite recognizing

I wasn’t two lasses.

The tickets saw through my ploy

Like X-ray glasses:

Both of them said “Admit One.”

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Stealing Second (and Third, and…)

The dream team took the field
Before the final playoff match,
And so the game was cancelled
Without a single catch.

Thus ended what had promised
To be a splendid day,
For if the field has been taken
Where is one supposed to play?

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