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Adventures With Lucy

Lucy says “Heyy”

As she walks in the door

With a light in her eyes

And her eyes on the floor.

She’s looking for victims

That she can make smile

For she’s also not had

Such a grin for a while.

Lucy’s confused;

She’s alone in the crowd,

Her world always quiet,

Her mind always loud.

She hasn’t found love

In a box on a shelf

But she’s never been told

To bring joy to herself,

And so she goes hunting

A surrogate soul

And she uses her vigor

To make her prey whole,

To make someone laugh

And to make a face gleam

Like the paint on her visage

She hopes makes her seem.

Some think her a clown;

Some think her a doll.

What she fears is being

Not thought of at all,

To be seen as convenient,

Someone’s future “his.”

She fears being seen as

What she fears she is.

She’s found her next target!

She gives them her charm

With a flower in her hair

And the game on her arm,

One of the next many

Whose lives she will brighten,

Whose fears she’ll erase

And whose burdens she’ll lighten.

Someday she’ll look up

And she’ll see the sun set

And her mind will be calm

And her needs will be met;

She’ll live as she dreams

When she comes to someday.

Until then she’ll walk in

And tell someone, “Heyy.”

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Coping With Invisibility

When I feel invisible

And that feeling makes me sad

I think of 5’11” African-American dads who play the viola, vote libertarian, and write poetry blogs

And I don’t feel so bad.

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A Near Miss

I was feeling unfulfilled

As I browsed the worldwide web.

My loneliness was at its peak,

My energy at ebb.

Then I saw an advertisement

That said “Hot Singles Near You.”

I turned on my ad blocker

And was lonely again. Phew!

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Honest Guy Problems

“What’s your favorite body part?”

The online survey said.

I wrote “chest hair.” I’m a guy,

And thus my empty bed.

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Who Needs An Angel When You Already Have Halo ™?

It’s Sunday evening.

I’m alone

With no new numbers

In my phone.

But don’t you dare

Feel sorry for me!

My night may be dull,

But at least it’s free.

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I Write From Experience

If you feel lonely,

Forgotten and blue,

Put a cat in your profile pic

And everyone loves you.

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