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Whole Milk

I poured myself a glass of milk,

White as clouds and soft as silk,

Then put powdered milk in the cup

And took a spoon and stirred it up,

Then I poured condensed milk in

And, with the spoon, gave it a spin.

It was at this point, to my dismay,

My buxom girlfriend ran away.

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Why Not .03 Per Cent? FALSE ADVERTISING!!!

Today I saw one per cent milk

And so I gave my mom a holler.

Turns it it’s just crappy milk,

Not 100 milks for a dollar.

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Adventures In Milk Purchasing

I am a human

Who lives in a place

Where food can be purchased to eat.

Some take that for granted,

Some think it’s a nuisance,

And I think it’s pretty darn neat.

But sometimes I wonder

About fellow shoppers

Who bought before I came along.

I used to think fondly

Of my fellow humans*

But now I have proof I was wrong.

*This is a lie, but the photo is real

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I Once Had a Cow…

Udders and spots and bells and poo:
These are the things that remind me of you.
And whenever I miss your voice or your smile
I drink some milk and remember a while.

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