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Death of an Influencer

Margaret died and stood by God

And looked on all there was:

An ageless, endless universe

With countless lives abuzz,

Singing songs that never stop

In perfect harmony

And Margaret said, “They must be sad

“To be there without me!”

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One Man’s Trash…

I went to a Motel 6

To a room filled with 8 lamps.

It seemed to me a haven

For only travelers and tramps.

Yet that Motel 6 I thought had been

Summed up as “dim and blah”

Was, to the moths that shared the room

A sort of Shangri La.

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The Problem With Democracy (My Perspective Matters More)

“Do you see what I see”

Is a stupid thing to ask,

For though the subject we both see

May be a boot or flask

I see it in the sunset

Flanked by gorgeous fall of night

But by virtue of an angle

You see it framed by walls of white.

I can see what you see

And you can see what I.

We can say “that is a boot”

Though we each use a different eye.

So why not on social matters

Cannot we likewise more agree

That if a thing’s more beautiful

To you than ’tis to me

That the thing itself objectively

Is, regardless, unaffected?

Because it doesn’t help dividers

Unite short-sight to get elected.

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Rest in Pieces

Many a cliff has suffered,

Many a mountain fell,

Many a stone was carved upon

For a corpse’s age to tell.

And so I stand in memory

Of the headstones far and wide

Who gave their lives to lay

And tell us who here-lied.

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