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The Nice Thing About Biden Poems Is That They’re Easy To Rhyme

If ever there were a day

To say Joe Biden died

And Kamala was the pres now

And would be preside with pride

Just to test the public

To see how they react

It would be April 1st I guess.

Abloo scaree kerack.

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It’s A Matter Of Efficiency, Really

Today is Easter, as you know.

It’s also April Fool’s Day.

I think those go together

As they celebrate the way

That Jesus was all dead and stuff

And then suddenly he wasn’t.

The two holidays make sense to me

Because the whole “not dead” thing doesn’t.

What also doesn’t make much sense

Is a question of this kind:

It’s that God sacrificed himself

To appease himself I mind.

Not only that, but if it’s true

That Jesus isn’t dead

Then why not find another way

To cure one’s Godly head?

It seems if you’re omnipotent

You could just say “hey folks,

“Get your shit together”

Instead of the “oops, not dead yet” jokes.

But I am just a human

And can’t be my own son

So I’ll just eat my chocolate eggs

And let His will be done.

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Take The April Out And We’re Set

I think April Fool’s Day

Is a fantastic plan.

What better month than April

To celebrate the average man?

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