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Maybe “Reckless” Is The Wrong Word…?

I went to a gathering of people

Who like to drink and drive,

Pull quickly into traffic…

On recklessness they thrive.

They’re the reason we have accidents

And I almost forgot to mention

That there were lots of nerds there.

It was a start wreck convention!

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Barely Illegal

Going twenty-eight in a twenty zone

While casting glances at his phone

With his lap belt fastened but not his shoulder

And an open bottle of water in the holder.

He drove on through a yellow light.

He flashed no signal but still turned right.

He’s of a group of scofflaws such

Who’ll break the law, but not by much.

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My Life At This Moment

I’ve been awake

For fourty hours now.

Almost got murdered

By a stray dog tonight.

I’m whiter than mayo

Or milk from a cow

But they released #PokemonGo

So I guess I’m alright.

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Blind Dates

When she looks at me

Children scream and flowers die.

Probably no big deal…

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Du’ck! An Acrostic Poem

Did you see it coming

Up above your head?

‘Cause if you didn’t, you’re probably

Kinda going to be a bit dead.




P.S.  My new book is being released just in time for the 4th of July. Until June 26th (this Thursday), you have a chance to get a free copy! Check out the “coming soon” tab for more info.




Sorry can’t explain my apol…

Ogetic attitude

Right now

Regarding today’s poem.

Yep, that’s about it.

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Romantus Lycanthropus (Thatus is Latinus)

Yellow teeth
And orange eyes
Shine like fire
Under the full moon.

I try to smile,
Tell some lies,
But all I can say is
“Hey honey. Back so soon?”

My lover plods forwards
With wolfish eyes fixed
On the little pink pocket
At the base of my neck.

I know what I must do.
My feelings aren’t mixed.
It’s her time of the month,
And out I must get the heck.

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