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At Least I Commit To Finishing Acrostics Though

I is for the intimacy we have yet to share

M is for the the many ways I show you I care

N is for how no one can compare

E is for “except that girl who has the pretty hair.”

V is for how very sorry I will claim to be

E is for that exceptional hair I never will unsee…

R is for I’m really sorry this time. Forgive me?

G is for the gift I’ll buy to say that I’m sorry

E is for how every day you give me another chance.

T is for the tightness you inspire in my pants

T is for your temperance, which totally rhymes with “dance”

I is for how I hope to rekindle our romance

N is for how nuts it is I ogle other girls

G is for “good thing I’m not into hair with sexy curls.”

L is for how light catches her hair as it unfurls…

A is for “Alright, alright! I’ll buy you some new pearls.”

I is for I really wish I were a better dude

D is for “Doggone it, if you weren’t such a prude…”

A is for apologizing for how I am lewd

G is for the golden curls falling upon the nude…

A is for “At least I didn’t finish the previous line.”

I is for the infinite ways you, my dear, are fine.

N is the never being bad again if you’ll remain as mine.

! is the punctuation after you vehemently decline.

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Acrostic Pickup Lines

H is for “Hey hot stuff!”

E is for “Eek! Sorry mom.”

Y is for “Yikes.”

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A Friendly Poem For The Boss On Your Last Day

For all of the work

U’ve put into my life,

Can I ever thank you enough?

Kause of you I can say

Yeah, life’s terrible, but hey! Now I

Own a whole lot more stuff!

Ur name here <~~~~

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You Knew It Was Coming By “APF”

A is for anticipation.

P is for participation.

F/I is for filmed in Imax.

A is for an anticlimax.

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My First Acrostic

I is for my mother.

C is for my dad.

A is for my feelings.

N is for an impaler, namely Vlad.

T is for seismology.

S is for uninspired.

PEL is for impatience.

L is for “Am I Fired?”

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Du’ck! An Acrostic Poem

Did you see it coming

Up above your head?

‘Cause if you didn’t, you’re probably

Kinda going to be a bit dead.




P.S.  My new book is being released just in time for the 4th of July. Until June 26th (this Thursday), you have a chance to get a free copy! Check out the “coming soon” tab for more info.




Sorry can’t explain my apol…

Ogetic attitude

Right now

Regarding today’s poem.

Yep, that’s about it.

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