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Domesticity 2.0

I built two homes in my mind

On a foundation of good intent.

One was perfect, charming, yellow,

But alas away it went.

The second house is red and black

And full of song and sharing,

And though it also may away

It’s worthy of my daring.

This darker home reminds me

Of the prayers I spoke when young,

Of Autumn wind and springtime rain

And hymns borne from my tongue,

A home of possibilities

Where nothing goes unsaid.

God willing, we’ll build it together;

Until then, it’s in my head.

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Faith, Hope, and Love

Faith, hope, and love are good things He gave us,

From His bright temple so high up above,

Hoping that our faith in Him would show us

That the greatest of these many is love.

I’ve met women named both Faith and Hope though

And hoped to find a faithful love with them,

And hope for Hope and faith in Faith did grow

Though faithful love I hoped for would not stem.

But sometimes for what you hope and you pray

Are not what faith intended at that hour;

Sometimes what seems like hope misplaced may say

That patience can be full of wondrous power.

So here I am, my faith tested before

Still hopes your love is still worth hoping for.

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Christmas Somewhen

Somewhen there’s a child

In the snowy winter night

Staring upward into Heaven

And onto the brightest star.

Somewhen there’s a desperate man

Who lost his latest fight

Who’ll spend the snowy evening

In the backseat of his car.

Somewhen a chilly gentleman

Will give one final cast;

A trip to somewhere lonely ends

With pulling on a rod.

Somewhen there’s a virgin

Sitting on her ass

As it carries her to Bethlehem

Where she’ll give birth to God.

Somewhen at the skating rink

He steals a midnight kiss

As the lights and drinks are flowing

And all life seems to rhyme.

Somewhen brothers stand as one

Amidst a toxic hiss

And proceed to kill themselves

One shot at a time.

Somewhen wrapping paper tears.

Somewhen candles light

Someone’s unspoken birthday wish

And others left forlorn.

Among the bullets, bottles, candles,

Kisses, stars, and night

I hope another savior

Somewhen in you is born.

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Celebrating The Freedom To Be Lousy At Stuff

All around me I see boring artwork

I hear songs and and poems I despise,

Read novels with no satisfying endings

And look at them through someone else’s eyes,

Thus what once seemed like a bunch of rubbish

From the perspective of the makers, though they’re dopes,

I know as long as we are free to make this sort of crap

We’re free from those who’d seek to crush our hopes.

So if you feel tired of the daily,

The regular routine has got you down,

Why not draw a purple line on canvas

And sell it to a bank somewhere in town?

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Possible Political Folly = Guaranteed Comic Gold

So many nights I spent

Uninspired in my bed

Staring at the blinking cursor

With pages empty as my head.

The night after the election

So many topical jokes did flow

Which, hilarious as they might have been,

Of them the world can’t know.

A literal pot of gold

In my conciousness did lie

On the bright side much humor’s to come

Thanks to America’s choice. Bye bye!

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Last Chance!

To those of you

Who’ve found a love,

Or maybe just a date,

Tomorrow you’ll

Have happiness

From early until late.

For those like me

Who are alone,

Why are you still reading this?

You’ve still got

Some hours left!

Find something not-too-gross to kiss!

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Just Beakause

I awoke with ruffled feathers
On the wrong side of the nest.
A lonely aching filled my heart
Which strained beneath my chest.

I wanted to fly away from here.
Anywhere would do,
But as I spread my wings I found
My group had become two.

Yes indeed, my morning flight
Was joined by some new bird,
And as soon as I had noticed thus
My flock attained a third.

I road the wind below the pair,
The strangers in my sky,
Trying to escape again,
Perhaps to go and die.

And then the birds gave me a caw
And the sun began to rise,
And that is when this lonely bird
Did come to realize
What a difference can be made
By an extra pair of eyes.


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A Travesty’s Silver Lining

Today, Americans remember

One of the greatest travesties to befall our nation.

We may review footage from the crashes

And to patriotism, pray for salvation.



But patriotism is not the lesson I learned from 9/11.

I don’t look at the events that occurred as why America must win at the expense of others.

In those attacks, 2,996 people lost their lives.

In the 11 years that followed, war has made 7,977 grieving mothers.



If we learn anything from 9/11,

Let it be that revenge does not pay.

That we may be terrorized, but not terrified.

That we can choose if tormentors get their way.



No matter what menace may strike us,

Whatever liberties they hope to take,

Whatever towers they may destroy,

Whatever impact they hope to make,



They cannot take our ability to choose joyfulness,

To be happy under a new moon as well as the sun,

And if we have joy, our tormentors lose.

Because of hope, not revenge, we won.

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