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Victorious Secret

Hope and honor,

Faith and love:

These are yours

When you rise above.

So keep moving ahead

If only by little bits.

And for those who won’t,

Here’s to Friday and tits!

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I’m tired of B-team,
But that’s who I am.
I’m a win-silver human,
A second-place Sam.

I’m tired of B-team,
The farm team, the student.
I’m sick of “you’ll get there.”
“Stick with it.” “Be prudent.”

I’m tired of B-team,
Backup, JV.
I’m ready for bigger,
To live and to be.

I’m tired of B-team,
But I’ll change how I see.
I’m not best at that,
But I’m the very best me.

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Wisdom from my Dad

I was taught something handy from someone called “Dad”

That although it is nice to have fun,

If you want to have something that you’ve never had

Try something that you’ve never done.


If you want to get anywhere in this here world,

You’ve got to most truly desire it.

If something’s in your head that makes dreams come unfurled,

It’s prudent to go in and fire it.


And thus, amidst humor, on occasional times

It’s wisdom, not comedy, that comes forth from my rhymes


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