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Subtitles Wa, Kawaii Desu

I watched American cartoons

All day every day.

My dad said I should read more

So now I watch anime.

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I Like An Easy Read

I’ve discovered I’m a psychic.

It’s really pretty slick!

If found out when my lover

Thought “I hope he’s not psychic.”

Well that relationship

Ended on an ironic note

When I shouted “ha ha, I am!”

And that was all she wrote…

Being a psychic in the dating pool

Is fun, to say the least.

I know which gal’s have hearts of gold

And which have infected yeast.

Now the mind of every man

Is a delightfully simple thing,

Like Indiana Jones

And the temple of “do I buy a ring?”

A woman’s mind is more complex

Like the tale of War and Peace

But from an eagle’s point of view

And written in Taiwanese.

I’ve gotten used to psychic life

And find a girl I may,

But when it comes to reading minds

I think I’m kinda gay.

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