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Fear Not Weather’s Wonders

One wonders whether weather

Wonders whether weather was

A wandering weather whither

else wandering thither just because.

But whether weather wanders

Hither, thither, or wherever

One’s wandering wonder weathers

Weather’s wonders well forever.

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Female Sexuality And Privilege In The Fruit-Curing Industry

If I were to pick a peck of pickled peppers

Peter Piper’d have a bone to pick with me?

But if I gave Ol’ Pete a peck

He’d want to bone, ’cause “what the heck”

And I needn’t pay the Piper… He’d pay me!

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Read This Poem… I Dare You

Shelly shivers several shivers
By the side of the seashore.
She sees the sheen of seal-shaped seashells.
(A scene unforeseen for sure).
She’s a shy shaking searcher,
Seeking several shining shells,
‘Cause she sure supports herself
Through seal-shaped seashells she sure sells.

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