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Who Goes To Concerts To Listen Anyway?

The origin of Death Metal

Is really pretty neat:

They recorded Beatles fans

And set it to a beat.

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Death Metal Groupies

Just because your singing voice

Sounds like Jabba the Hutt

Imitating Bryan Adams

Gargling a cigarette butt

Run in slow-motion backwards

Mixed with satanic chants

And is voted less favorably

Than being bitten by ants

Doesn’t mean I don’t want to

Get into your pants.

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“Satan’s Bear Spray” Gets A New Band Member

Heavy metal music

Could really benefit

If the makers would include

More harmonicas in it,

‘Cause in between the screaming,

Angry lyrics, and casual sin

You might think the bands are scary.

That’s where harmonicas come in!

“I want to thrash your eyes out!”

Screams a man who’s nicknamed “Blight,”

Then the harmonica gently vibrates

As if to say “it’s all alright.”

It would be an innovation

To the predominant metal sound,

And you’d find cheerier venues

With more harmonicas around.

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