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Double-O One Through Six

There was a fantabulous spy

Who was put in a death trap to die.

His life then did cease

And the world knew no peace.

If you’ve never heard of him, that’s why.

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Big Brother

I accidentally deleted

My browser history

And yet the pages I visit

Show the same ads to me

About the things I’ve talked about

But never searched online

So forgive we while I move under this rock

And live there… I’ll be fine.

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How To Be Popular

If I had breath like Godzilla

And my sneeze were a nuclear blast

I still wouldn’t like playing kickball

But at least I’d get picked before last.

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There once was a noble chihuahua

Whose owner was trapped in the shower.

He flew like an ace

To bite her on the face

Then barked nonstop for 24 hours.

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Writer’s Strike or Poetic Justice?

I’m not sure which is better:

That Hollywood is on strike

Because computers can do their job better

And that they do not like

And now we won’t have any more

Reboots, remakes, or sequels?

Or that we finally see mindless machines

As movie writers’ equals?

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DC Smoothies: Now Made With 100% Sustainably Harvested Peasant Tears

It is a truth we find self-evident

That the people who make the laws

Are the type to drink turtle smoothies

With biodegradable straws.

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An Old-School Love Poem For The Woman Who Inspired My “Art”

Good morning Mom!

You are the bomb.

You made me exist

Before the CD Rom.

Today we shower you

With abundant aplomb.

You are the WWW

To my .com

You make delicious food

That I like to nom

And you are someone onto whom

I do like to glom.

I promise I’ll never leave you

To move away to Guam

Because I’m your favorite child

And you’re my best Mom.

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She Played Another Game With Me…

Her epic trapper spidey

Killed my supersonic bat-dragon.

Apparently the divorce is off

And we’re back to love and naggin’!

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And You Thought Monopoly Ruined Friendships…

My magic thunder doggy

Killed my fiancee’s fairy horse.

Yes, she played Pokemon with me.

Yes, we’re headed for divorce.

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Travelogue, Volume 2

I flew home on a plane through the air

Then I drove in a car on a road.

Now I’m sitting butt-down on a chair

And my creativity has yet to fully load.

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