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Then I Gave Death the “Come Hither” Look…

Whenever death may lurk nearby

And threaten you with pain

Know that if the threat is true

You’ll never watch a debate again…

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Who Else Watched The Debate?

“Roses are red!”

“No! Violets are blue!”

“That’s a lie!”

“Shut up!” “F*** you!”

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Third Time’s The Charmless

A failed piece of art

Made in Microsoft paint

Faces off against the Goddess

Of political taint

With the goal of defamation

And the tool of shameless lies

And among the States there echoes

350-million “Why”s.

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It’s A Metaphor For The Debate, Just FYI

Imagine a beach, sunny and warm.

The air is still, the tide is low.

A sandcastle and a tumbleweed

Wait for when the wind will blow

For with the wind come mighty waves

And so the castle foretells its fall.

The tumbleweed senses the moment when

The winds will answer its lazy call.

A bit of dirt dressed nobly

Collapses as the breezes rise.

A pointless weed will dance with joy

Among the currents of the sky.

A dirty house, an unrooted plant

So come together, sand and weeds:

They may not be what America wants

But the CPD says they’re what America needs.

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It Works For Both Parties

A hangdog and a long-faced horse

Walked into a bar.

A few hours later they both walked home

‘Cause they didn’t own a car.

They didn’t much enjoy themselves

Nor change their sorry fate.

But it was fun compared to

Watching the GOP debate.

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