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Big Brother

I accidentally deleted

My browser history

And yet the pages I visit

Show the same ads to me

About the things I’ve talked about

But never searched online

So forgive we while I move under this rock

And live there… I’ll be fine.

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And Then There Were Just 14 Balls

I asked a higher being,

The all-knowing and all seeing

If I should turn my life around

Or stay the same, all safe and sound.

I saw a vision in the blue

And what it said had to be true.

I summoned my courage and focused my zen.

It said “Reply hazy. Try again.”

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Google’s Humor

Why are things funny?

That’s a very good question,

And worth googling.


I decided to

Search for “Funny Picture.” Well,

Here’s the first result:



So, by Google’s thoughts

Coffee tables are funny.

Never would have guessed!


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