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They Told Me To Find My Passion… (AKA My Tool Is Longer Than Yours)

As my eyes met the tape measure

I felt the fire rear up in my heart

And I knew that in the future

I could measure

In metric or imperial units

How high those heart-flames soared.

Some people mocked my passion,

Said I’m weird for longing

To know how long my longing was,

But I say its better than being bored.

When I feel that need to now how I feel

And I pull out that flexible metal bar

And with each box, each wall I measure

The heavens ring with a music

Only it and I can hear,

A cord’s secret chord.

And somewhere in that tape measure

That sings our hidden music

I hope its heart is happy

Knowing my pocket will be its home

And gone are the days

When its passions were ignored.

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Three Films For The Dork Lords On Their Basement Thrones (LotR)

We’ve all seen movies

That we adore.

We’ll watch them ten times,

Then ten more!

Sure, you know it

Line for line

But that’s not boring!

That’s just fine!

These films are family,

Allies, friends.

We love their journeys

Despite familiar ends.

To love such things

Need not be wrong,

But alas, my favorites

Are 12 hours long…

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Engineers Talk About Love

They say when you love something

Time will stand still.

I think love’s correlated

With my watch-repair bill.

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Follow Your Heart

I heard that when uncertainty

About your future strikes

Examining what you avoid

Can lead you to your likes.

I tend to avoid everything

And like lying in bed

Writing jokes about the stuff

That’s running through my head.

I tend to avoid washing things,

Dishes and self included,

And consequently feel good

When I eat (get watered and fooded).

I like to be alone a lot.

I like the color orange.

I dislike thinking ahead

Which sometimes makes life hardyorange.

And so I have concluded

From my lifestyle and refinement

That I should pursue a career

In solitary confinement.

So if someone were so kind

As to frame me for a murder

I’d be grateful for all my life

And happy with my life’s direction-urder.

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Find What You Love and Get Paid For It

I used to be the leader

Of a bunch of nasty thugs

Who cut on people’s bodies

And sold a lot of drugs.

But now I’ve finally realized

That those things aren’t cool.

Now I’ll use my skills to prosper

At Harvard Medical School.

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The Mail Perspective

Few things are better
Than getting a letter
The good old fashioned way.
That envelope’s feel
Just fills me with zeal
And I start to dance and sway.

‘Tis a unique caper,
The feel of the paper
And ink beneath my fingers
And when the mail is gone,
My heart will go on.
My jollity forever lingers.

So when I opened your note
In which you wrote
That my electricity bill wasn’t paid
I did not understand,
For I felt very grand.
My life felt like I had it made!

Now reading my crap
From Kohl’s and the Gap
In the candlelight out on the street
I realize life,
Past the bills and the strife,
Can turn out pretty darn neat.

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Ambrosia and Nancy

I went out to a party

Last Sunday, on my trip.

While there, I saw a woman,

And my heart, it did a flip.


She looked so darn fancy,

In her heels and her pearls.

Her eyes were bright as starlight,

Her hair fell down in curls.


She smiled at me last Sunday,

From way across the room.

I had to go and meet her.

My passion was in bloom.


“Hello David,” she said

As flashed a perfect smile.

My heart heard songs of lovebirds,

Like it hadn’t for a while.


Turns out her name’s Ambrosia,

And she likes nerdy men,

Poets and musicians.

I was her perfect ten!


She led me to her lodgings,

Where we enjoyed some wine.

I gazed into her perfect eyes,

And she gazed into mine.


That night was full of passion.

Hey, come back here Nancy!

Who cares if she’s your sister?

She just looked so darn fancy.

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