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People Say “Forever” In Different Ways

If you think your girl is nerdy

But you need to check the facts

Say “I’ll love you as long as a winRAR 30-day trial”

And see how she reacts.

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Schroedinger Goes Golfing

He went out with a ball and club

To tee off on the green

And defined the ball’s trajectory

To a destination unseen.

To warn the other players

Who are simultaneously alive and dead

He shouted the number 24

To avoid whacking a head.

Why he did this most don’t know

But I can tell you why:

The golfer simply shouted 4!

You’re welcome nerds. Now bye!

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Three Films For The Dork Lords On Their Basement Thrones (LotR)

We’ve all seen movies

That we adore.

We’ll watch them ten times,

Then ten more!

Sure, you know it

Line for line

But that’s not boring!

That’s just fine!

These films are family,

Allies, friends.

We love their journeys

Despite familiar ends.

To love such things

Need not be wrong,

But alas, my favorites

Are 12 hours long…

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Totally The Feelings Of Someone Else (Who Isn’t Me) For Margot Robbie That Are Probably Exaggerated And Definitely Not Mine… Probably

Margot, Margot, Margot Robbie:

You make me want to go and see

A film I likely won’t enjoy

‘Cause you are you and I’m a boy.

Margot, Margot, Margot Robbie:

Watching you is my new hobby.

Your hair, when styled in tails of pig

Makes my… heart… grow twice as big.

Margot, Margot, Margot Robbie:

You’re my favorite celebrity since whoever played Dobby.

The only thing more beautiful in my eye

Would be a reboot of Firefly.

Margot, Margot, Margot Robbie:

You’re hotter even than wasabi.

This poem’s a joke written for you.

Yes, I’m a Joker, so love me too!

Margot, Margot, Margot Robbie:

Not being with you makes me sobby

But in the unlikely event you won’t be my vixen…

Shailyn, Shailyn, Shailyn Pierre-Dixon.

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No New Messages

Hey there gurrls

On the internet.

I’m the sexiest nerd

You have digitally met.

My can read my handle:


I don’t mind you’re 16,

You can still be my wife.

You see my profile pic

With my shirt on the floor.

I know my photoshopped abs

Will make you swipe right for sure.

If you like obscure jokes

Come and give me a shout.

I’ve got a ragout rabbit

If your cooking’s maxed out.

Can I go all night?

Well, show you I will!

I can warranty that promise

With a little white pill.

So if you’re game, sexy,

Why not give me a “like?”

We’ll ride to heaven together

On my two-seater bike.

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