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The Minority Excel

Plenty of folks can come up with jokes,

But fewer deliver them well,

Many a person can think up a product,

But few of those products can sell,

A whole host can fail at many endeavors

But few of them fail with grace,

And prisons are full of a criminal plenty

But most of them share the same race.

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Noot MBA… MBA! With Dee Tall Black Men And The Shlam Dunk? MBA!

There once was a guy named Satpal

From Mumbai who was seven feet tall.

He graduated today

With his Harvard MBA

But his dream was to play basketball.

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Want Some Drink With Dose Fries?

The french-fried potatoes

That I bought from Wendy’s

Are covered in tattoos

And wear pants around their knees,

They complain about white privilege

And say “sup” instead of “hey.”

That’s when I remembered

That today is black fry day.

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Sarsaparilla Is Southern After All…

I opened a bottle of root beer

And smiled at the sweetness and fizz.

You probably don’t think that sounds racist

But I’m white, so it probably is.

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An Excerpt From Baltimore’s “Most Popular Baby Names”

I really don’t think I shoulda

Named my child Barracuda.

At first I thought I’d go with Sid,”

And now I wish did,

But when I named him I was living in the hood-a.

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Raindrop Responds To DeMarco’s Invitation

The life called “thug”

Is not for me.

I like a sit-down

When I pee.

I do not like

When I am blamed

And when I burp

I feel ashamed.

I do my best

To stay hydrated

And instead of “you’re wrong”

I say “that can be debated.”

I think guns

Are loud and scary.

I admire Hermione

Moreso than Harry.

No, the thug life’s

Not my scene

But you have at it!

(Just don’t be mean).

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What I Know About Asia

Korea is a country

I do not know much about.

Japan is a country

Whose cartoon characters look caucasian.

Thailand is a country

That knows what cooking’s all about.

Good China is a country

We only use on special occasions.

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Happy Mexico Day, White People!

Las poema de todayo

Estas un indicator-õl

De how mucho yo remembero

From das high school Espagnõl.

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