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Yeah… So Much For “Anything Can Happen”

There once were eight teams

With ambitions and dreams

Of competing for Super Bowl glory.

The boring teams won

And we didn’t have fun

And that’s today’s NFL story.

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Chatting With The “Mirror Selfie” Girls…

Sometimes I look in the mirror

And see myself staring at me,

And when I clean the glass it gets clearer

And I know it’s my face that I see

And I look at myself and think “Wow!

“That’s expected, and not very shocking!”

And that, my dear lady, is what I perceive

And thus space out when you start talking.

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The Night Club

‘Twas deep in the evening,

Way the heck into night.

Unlit things were dark

And dark things weren’t light.

It was nothing like morning,

Like super late afternoon,

And she’s talked like this all evening

And I hope this date ends soon.

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I want to see a sport

Where forty normal guys

Cooperate athletically

To share a worthy prize.

No one would hit each other.

No feelings would be hurt.

They’d go home with clean jerseys

And their hands devoid of dirt.

No penalties are needed

For good sportsmanship prevails

And from such competition

Comes a host of happy tales.

Such sports would be refreshing

And a lovely change of pace

But for now I’ll stick with boxing

‘Cause I love some hand-to-face!

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For The Non-Partiers

I’ve got a real shindig

For those wallflowers out there.

I’ve got seats in every corner

To sit silently and stare.

I’m not saying it’ll get crazy,

But heck, you never know!

All y’all are invited.


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Not The Adventurous Sort

If I could be any animal

For just a single day

I would be a human

‘Cause right now my life’s ok.

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