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Writing This On My Phone

An apple a day

Can keep everyone away.

Thanks IOS 12!


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What’s Missing

On my iPad

I can write,

Listen to music

Or make my own.

I make spreadsheets,

Surf the web,

And instantly sync

With my iPhone.

I can download

All the knowlege

Of humanity

Or pics of a cat.

By default it has everything

I could want

Except a calculator,

‘Cause who needs that?

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Ode to an iPhone

You tell me how much time I waste
And predict my musical taste.
You hold my apps. My photos too.
Where would “i” be without you.

You give me guidance when I’m lost.
You’re worth my monthly data cost.
When I’m lonely on the road
I swipe to wake you and enter my code

And there I am! Right back at home.
In a pinch, you’re a mirror for my comb.
You light the darkness, check my mail,
Encourage me to “play again” when I fail.

You’ll be with me night and day.
To all your thoughts I’ll click OK.
So phone of mine, I cannot lie:
You are the Apple of my “i.”


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