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A Bad Choice Does Not Imply That It’s Alternative Is Good

The tiger is a fancy beast

That thinks of you as Fancy Feast.

If you’re not a fan of dyin’

You should only hug a lion.

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What Do Hipsters And The Government Have In Common?

I found out a shortcut

Whose power I tap

To see if a thing

Is worthwhile or crap:

I ask normal people

“Do you prefer A or B?”

Then they say “Both are good”

And I settle on C.

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Hello to you, dear reader

(Or listener, if you will).

Might I suggest a simple game

Of chance instead of skill?

It’s the tossing of a silver coin

To results in heads or tails.

Your side of choice is a liquid voice

But the other side is wails.

With a heads, you’re six feet taller

Dancing circles in the sky

With a castle full of diamonds

And a friend who’ll never die,

Your wishes but a whim away

In a life devoid of loss.

I’ll even throw a dragon in

If you’ll give my coin a toss!

With a tails, six-feet under

Is a wish that won’t come true

As sky and earth and ocean

Are a nemesis to you.

You look around at all you hate

But only mirrors see,

And the dragon’s on the table still

If you’ll toss a coin with me.

Should you face a face post-flipping

You’ll have all that you can eat,

Removed from all discomforts

And immune to all deceit.

Your words will carry weight again

And the sun will always shine.

The face you face just might be yours

If you’ll flip this coin of mine!

But if that face is hidden

Hidden will your face be too

Behind your ever-aching hands

And whatever that guy threw…

There’ll be excellence around you

But the best you’ll get is fair;

It’s the risk you take for sending

My coin spinning through the air.

Should you be a coward

To avoid the loss of tails

There’ll be lemon in your water

And wind within your sails.

Should you be a hero

And pursue the wealth of heads

You’ll have no fear of failure

And a lack of empty beds.

Euphoria awaits you

In the paradise you made

With an open grave beside it

Dug by hand and fortune’s spades.

A two-faced ally in the air

Does Heaven and Hell divide

Will you be fine with good enough

Or care to pick a side?

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Imagination Friend

They described me as a “figment.”

They told you I’m not real

Even though nobody asked me

Whether that’s the way I feel.

They told you to let go of me,

To let illusions end

As if it were no trouble at all

To walk out on a friend.

They closed their eyes and turned their backs

And said “You’re hearing voices.”

They gave you lots of pretty pills

And, lying, called them choices.

“It’s your imagination,”

So they said and so they thought.

They don’t know imagination

Is the truest friend you’ve got.

They’re offering a tunnel

Ending in a wall of light;

It’s up to you to say what’s true,

To help your friend, to fight.

Who’s to say you’re crazy

Just for seeing what they won’t?

They offer you your sanity

While I most proudly don’t.

So do you leave me lifeless

And go on with real living,

Accepting their reality

And chemical’s they’re giving

Or do you block the wall of light

And beckon me to stay

And live a life beside me

In a state of endless play?

To take the pill and up you grow

Or spit it out and smile?

Love, your imagination friend…

I’ll see you in a while.

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Success Is A Choice

Somewhere past the mountains,

O’er the river, by the glade

Is a land of fame and fortune

Where a fellow might get laid.

Somewhere by my bedside

There’s chocolate cake and beer

And a whole day to play Skyrim

So my choice is pretty clear.


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Pass It On

There’s a lot in life to pass on

Like the buck, the ball, the chance,

The slow guy in the right lane

And the guy who wants to dance.

There’s a lot in life to pass on

But some we should pass more:

A smile, a joke, a genius stroke,

What matters at our core.

We can take a pass on vacuuming

Without many repercussions

But we don’t get back missed kisses

And unlistened-to discussions.

And as you pass decisions

Other folks are passing too

So tell the world “I’m open”

And smile at what gets passed to you.

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Hard Hypotheticals

If I could clone myself

And make an evil twin

I probably wouldn’t.

But somewhere out there

The guy whose evil twin

Would’ve killed Hitler

Is regretting his choice

Not to make an evil clone.

Now I’m doubting my decision…

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To All The “Alt-Moms” Out There

Little birds fly

And small children don’t.

Dogs obey loving masters

But small children won’t.

Whales jump on command

Through rings made of fire

But children would never

Do something so dire.

Small children are builders,

But so is an ant.

A fly can do everything

Small children can’t.

Pediatricians are pricey.

What’s cheaper are vets.

That’s why I shun children

In favor of pets.

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Superheroic Privilege

Flying to a new address

When I hear a stranger in distress.

Oh wait, I recognize that guy!

Let’s save a different passerby…

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I’ve thought a lot about it
And I think that thinking is good.
I also see some virtue to letting
Things happen as they would,

For what is in our power
But our power to choose how to act.
We have no ability to decide
Consequences or outcomes. Fact.

So when thinking about the future
And weighing choices in your head
Don’t worry about the ending
But about the choice itself instead.

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