Truth, AKA The Last Resort

Once again I find myself

Besot by evening’s chill,

No longer in possession of

The time I had to kill.

My mind fixates upon the task

I’ve thus far left undone:

I swore I’d write a poem a day

And yet have written none.

Thus I lie upon my bed

Writing where I am now,

Stating the truth about my life

As syllables allow.

Now comes the peril of present-tense:

I write that I’m writing,

Now I reread the previous line

To see if it’s exciting.

I also find, where once I wrote

Six syllables then eight,

My meter has forsaken me

By virtue of it’s late.

Thus endeth my desperate foray

To create relevant verse.

To all reading I bid good night!

(Poetry is a curse).


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Taste Optional

I saw an advertisement

For a poetry group today

Inviting folks to “come and read

“A poem that stabs the heart,

Reveals a truth or sadness,

Or helps you shout hooray.”

I was not well received

By reading “Ode to a Fart.”

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But Why?

The road told the rooster

“You look like a hen.”

The rooster killed the road’s family

And it never crossed the chicken again.

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Princess Fatigue

Ask any man “Would you marry?”

And the man will most-likely say “Sure.”

He’d wear a gold ring for the rest of his days

To announce his commitment to her.

Ask any girl “Would you marry?”

And she’ll smile and say “Yes” with glee.

“And he’d wear a gold ring for the rest of his days

“To announce his commitment to me!”

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The Humpback

If you’re a man trying to hump

A large marine mammal that’s male

If it humps back you may have found

A homosexuwhale.

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Starched Contrast

“Iron Man” is a hero

Who shoots lasers from his hand.

He has no female counterpart…

“Iron Woman” is a command.

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No Forks Given

There are no untraveled roads

In human lives on Earth,

Just a single well-worn trail

You’ve traveled since your birth.

No choice you ever didn’t make

Can burden you with debts;

You’ve walked too well along your path

To suffer from regrets.

Every scrape and every scar

Through every dusty mile

Brought every hidden tear of joy

And every quiet smile.

So should a stumble in your past

Disturb your present mind,

Salvation’s on the trail ahead;

There is no trail behind.

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