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Flowers for Algernon

Someday in the future

Somebody will share

A painting so perfect

Nothing else can compare,

And most everybody

Will say “Ooh” and “Ahh”

Except for the few

Who insist there’s a flaw.

All other artwork

Before it and after

Won’t evoke the same awe

Or inspire such laughter,

Won’t bring to the eyes

The same sweetness of tears

And from then to the end

There will be the dark years

Where no art seems special

Like the ultimate piece,

So exhibits will dry up

And artists will cease.

New adventures will stagnate

When our needs are all met

So let’s just be happy

That we’re not perfect yet.

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Ordinary Life

The hours we spent painting gnome houses

And the hours we spent playing games

And the meals and walking

And laughing and talking

And whispering each others’ names,

The hour we spent after bedtime

Just wrapped in each other, in love,

And the sweet half an hour

That I was your tower

And your lips glowed from starlight above,

A greeting, a morning, a breakfast, adventure,

The downtime, the party, the kiss:

I cannot be lonely when you are my only;

No time was spent better than this.

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All of History (Fade and Repeat)

Someone said “Let the good times roll”

And folks said “Yay” and “Wow.”

Then someone said “Disease exists”

And folks said “Quit rolling now.”

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Brown, Sticky, and Fun

I remember a game

I played when I was childish

Where up I’d pick a fancy stick

And proceed to go quite wildish.

It would be, at the same time,

A lightsaber, a gun,

A steering wheel, banana peel,

A ticket: Admit One.

I could walk around the woods

With some tree’s lifeless limb

And make of a day of naught but play,

Walking and swinging him.

Now I’m big and childish

But have less inclination

To go outside and take a ride

On my imagination.

Today I pray to everything

That before I’m old and sick

I’ll meet just five folks more alive

Than my beloved stick.

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Who Doesn’t Want 30 Pounds Of Escargot, After All?

You know that food you enjoy

Every once in a while,

That you can heat in a minute

And always makes you smile?

What if that niche pleasure

Came in a 500 pack for a dollar?

If you want to pay us to buy that

Just give old Costco a holler!

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Water Parks

Somebody decided

To take a piece of land

And implement a strategy

A capitalist planned

Wherein they’d charge some strangers

A fee for a ticket

To try a lot of fancy ways

To get all cold and wet.

They’d make a lot of slidey things

And fountains you can climb

And lazy lilting rivers

Where you can waste your time

And pools that make big waves

Like the ocean, but controlled.

I don’t know whose idea it was

But I know that I’m sold!

This poem is dedicated to Steven,

The lifeguard at Boulder Beach

Who saved this poet’s glasses

Which had fallen past his reach.

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Or We Could Just Choose An Animal And Interrupt Your Football Game…

Back when Youtube first began

A bunch of kids created

Videos so funny that

Folks nearly suffocated.

Now, insurance companies

Pay grown-ups lots of money

To make commercial messages

Which somehow still aren’t funny.

If you want to sell me

Some insurance or the like

You should fire your writing staff

And hire some kid named Mike

‘Cause when I see an ad that says

“We’re expensive, we won’t lie

“But we’re not just corporate assholes”

That’s the moment that I’ll buy!

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Ode To A Forgotten Black Hero

I think the worst injustice

That we tolerate these days

Is how we abuse the roads

In a variety of ways.

We hit the road so often,

Pound the pavement, and it’s clear

That the roads get walked all over

And quitting time is near.

We’d never stab our children,

But we stick forks in the road

Then expect it to hold on

While it carries our giant load.

It’s time to give the streets a break…

Oops! I mean let them rest!

Anyway, quit using roads

Because that’s for the best.

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There’s One Thing That Matters, And It’s Not Skin

I talk about love

And I talk about life,

How I do honest work

For my kids and my wife,

How I got a step up

From my forefather’s grace,

But what keeps me alive

Is the sweat on my face.

I won’t take a dime

If it hasn’t been earned;

Can’t regret when I failed

Because that’s when I learned.

I can say what I say

With no need for defense

Because what I say

Is just plain common sense.

So if you think I hate

Someone ‘cause they’re not white,

Consider a moment

That you may not be right.

Perhaps I respect

Those who earned their own keep

With an excess of ethics

And an absence of sleep;

Maybe the reason

You’re not on my mind

Is because I’m a doer

And I like my own kind.

You want to be equal?

Well, I want that too.

While I’m out here working

I’ll watch what you do

And when you go home

Having done what you should

You won’t think about race:

You’ll be feeling too good!

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Just FYI

Today I’m going adventuring

To a land without wifi or ceilings.

I’ll sleep in a tent

‘Til my body is bent

Just to not think about business dealings.

The poems from now to this Thursday

Were written Sunday in a blur,

So if you’re not pleased

With poems like these

You have my permission to grrr.

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