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Coming Soon!

A vision achieved,
A dream come true,
And it’s coming
To a website near you!

I’ve promised at length
To take this blog far,
Whether through labor
Or a wish on a star.

Through a small bit of both
I’ve published a book!
And I want you, dear reader,
To have the first look.

By Valentines Day
It will be on the shelves,
Placed there by dozens
Of book-placing elves.

And once it’s available
You’ll have the full scoop.
‘Til then I leave you
With this poetical whoop…

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My (Almost) Big News!

Yesterday, an amazing thing

Almost happened to moi!

As the French would say, I almost was part

Of a menage-a-troi.


I was missing only one small thing

When all was said and done.

But I didn’t mind.  I found it fine,

My little menage-a-one.

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The Newscaster’s Perfect Day

Alas and alack, I turn my back

And nothing moves to strike me.

The world is too sunny, the people too funny,

And everyone happens to like me.


No stress have I found, no troubles abound,

And it makes it quite hard to be moody.

I’m alway too happy, my life isn’t crappy,

And women have far-too-nice booties.


It’s unfortunate, aye, that blue is the sky

When I make my job writing the news.

So until something’s bad, I’m off to be sad

And to sing out the life’s perfect blues.

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