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They Just Did It

Nike pays their workers

About sixteen dollars a week for

Them to work 80 hours

Making a pricey brand-name sneaker

(That’s twenty cents an hour

For those with a math obsession)

But hey! They’re paying Kaepernick

To speak out against oppression.


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Pulling Out The Good…?

When Chinese people

Want to eat on fancy plates

What are those plates called?

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World War Three

If we go to war with Russia,

Whether Putin’s fault or ours

It will be a lengthy battle

Between some major world powers.

But if we go to war with China,

Then China would be mad

Cause we’d send a bull to all their shops

And wreck ’em pretty bad.

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Made in China?

I took a trip to the great wall
On my quest to see it all.
I enjoyed myself a bit more than a little.
Stupid you might call it,
But I’m afraid I left my wallet
Somewhere between the ending and the middle.

To make up for such bad luck
I had to make a buck
To get back to my home, off in Regina.
That’s how the story goes:
To solve my money woes
I was forced to be a maid in China.

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Before the Battle of Laughing Bull

I wasn’t too good at the rodeo.
The bull kicked me, so I had to stop.
No need to worry, I’ll have my revenge,
With the money I’ll make from my china shop.

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