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Somewhere near you is a man

Who has a loaded gun

And a heart full of unspoken pain.

He cannot see the sun,

Nor can he hear the laughter

Of the squirrels and birds and trees.

He walks upright, but out of sight

He’s fallen to his knees.

Somewhere there’s another man –

It might even be you –

Who gives the first a little nod

That says “I feel it too.”

And sometimes just a nod like that

Is all you need to say

To help a wounded warrior

Put the loaded gun away.

You don’t need superpowers

Or a cape to save the day.

Smiling is enough sometimes

To make the world okay.

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When You Pull On A Hangnail It Starts Bleeding

“Sometimes it feels

Like I am the undead,

A decaying body

Kept alive by a head

That is absent of thoughts,

Knowing nothing but pain

Until I can feast

On a life once again.

Some people despise me

For they think I’m a devil,

Depraved, dirty, lesser,

And not on their level.”

The doctor just smiled

And he asked me again:

“How much does it hurt,

From a 1 to a 10?”

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The Debate Is Over

Childbirth is painful for women

And ball-kickage is painful for men

But after it’s done only one

Waits teo years, then says “Do it again!”

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Oregon Love (Or Why you Shouldn’t Settle For The First Pretty Face)

Her eyes were blue as Crater Lake,

Her breasts were like Mount Hood.

Her hair fell like Multnomah Falls

And all these things were good.

I held her hand and felt as big

And strong as Haystack Rock

Until my wife came home that night

And smacked me with her cock.

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The Flavor Of “Winning”

For a moment I sat there

With blood on my hands

Smearing life on my white-bread toast

In a room all alone

With inanimate friends

In a halfway house built for a ghost.

My Ferrari was mired

In a 90-hour week

When I needed just 12 to survive

But I’d long since stopped living

For the privilege of being

Among the elite few who can thrive.

The child in the basement

Was calling for daddy

‘Til its fat little throat had gone raw

And yet I was too busy

Helping others to join me

To notice my life had a flaw.

But if I’d payed attention,

Tasted a tomato

Or felt a moth land in my hair,

Just walked outside barefoot

Or put salt in my coffee

I’d realize somehow I still care.

I care about family.

I care about freedom.

I don’t need this bottle and pill.

And maybe that baby

Will say “taste the tomato”

And if I haven’t yet died then I will.

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That Wasn’t Chicken…

My eyes were purple lightning

And lips were platinum knives.

My heart beat with a vigor

Like when rappers beat their wives.

I squeezed my hands like oranges

As my skin began to burn

And I knew to that Panda Express

I would not return.

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The Pleasures Of Working With Children

I didn’t know that hair could ache,

Just how much snot a nose can make,

How badly belly-buttons burn,

But today I guess I get to learn!

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They Have Strong Legs in Mexico

I sang “dropkick me Jesus

“Through the goal posts of life.”

My Mexican gardener is very literal.

It’s caused us some strife.

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This poem is short

And not very funny,

Just like tax day

And my new lack of money.

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Life and Pain

Think back to your birth, whenever that was.

You cannot remember it, so I’ll help.

You came into this world in blood, because

That’s how nature works, and you gave a yelp.


You were spanked by a doctor, and you cried.

Most people were suitably indifferent.

But if not for hurtful things, you’d have died.

Now I hope that, to you, life looks different.


Every person in your world’s a doctor.

They hurt you, and pull you from your mother.

But all of them, life to you do proctor;

Treat them not badly, but as a brother


Life comes in many forms to us, so smile.

Joy lasts forever, pain but for a while.

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